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RRR and Ambassadors

The Rights, Respect and Responsibilities (RRR) Ambassadors


The Rights Respect and Responsibilities (RRR) Ambassadors

Who we are:

The RRR Ambassadors are made up of two representatives from each year group who have been elected by their class to represent the school.


The election of the RRR Ambassadors reflects our British electoral system and demonstrates democracy in action: candidates make speeches, pupils consider characteristics important for an elected representative, pupils vote in secret using ballot boxes etc


What we do:

RRR Ambassadors meet with the Ambassador Leader (Miss Clifforth) twice every half term to discuss key events happening in school including themed days, charity events and assemblies. We also have visits from the school governors, MPs and important people in the community.

At the start of the year we ask the school to think of charities they would like to support throughout the year. We then pick one to support each term for that school year. This year we are supporting Children in Need, Comic Relief, Alzheimer’s Society and Asthma UK. We come up with Ideas to raise money for these charities and the whole school participates.

In January we attend the School Council Cluster which is held at Cranbourne where we are able to meet up with all the RRR/School councils in the local area and participate in a day of workshops surrounding a specific theme. Previous years have included ‘Aspiration’ and ‘Equality’. This year is focussed on ‘Resilience’.

Throughout the year we are given opportunities to share our views and opinions on things that have an impact on us and our school, plan and organise school events and raise awareness of charities and events that are important to us.