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Chalk Ridge School Council

The Chalk Ridge School Council


Who we are:


The School Council is made up of two representatives from each year group who have been elected by their class to represent the school. The election of the School Council reflects our British electoral system and demonstrates democracy in action. At the start of each academic year the children make speeches about why they think they would be a good representative for their class on the School Council. The pupils within each class consider what characteristics they feel are important for an elected representative. After the speeches in class have been made, the pupils in each class vote in secret, using ballot boxes. The two children with the most class votes become the School Council representatives for that class. In whole school assembly the children are elected on to the School Council by the Headteacher, and receive a School Council badge to wear on their uniform.


What we do:


The School Council meet with the Council Leaders (Mrs Saunders and Mrs Beswick) twice every half-term to discuss key events happening in school, including themed days, charity events, and assemblies. They also have visits from the school Governors, MPs and important people in the community.


At the start of the year the School Council ask the school to think of charities they would like to support throughout the year. They then pick one to support each term for that school year. During meetings, the School Council come up with Ideas to raise money for these charities, and the whole school participates.


In January we attended the School Council Cluster with 17 other schools, which was held at Cranbourne Secondary School. We were able to meet up with all the School Councils in the local area and participate in a day of workshops surrounding a specific theme. Previous years’ themes have included: ‘Aspiration’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Resilience’. Important key speakers are invited to the events and workshops are held throughout the day related to the yearly theme. This has included inspirational people such as Nelson Mandela’s Body Guard, and a double leg amputee who climbed Mount Everest.


Throughout the year, the School Council are given opportunities to share their views and opinions on things that have an impact on the school, plan and organise school events, and raise awareness of charities and events that are important to the school. Most recently, we have voted for each class to have an exciting ‘wet play box’ filled with engaging activities for when the weather is too wet and the whole school are unable to go outside. The School Council was also asked to make the decision about the new theme to update the KS2 toilets. The decision they made was to choose a Space Theme!

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