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Week 1

Apologies for the errors on this week's learning plan. Miss Hare
In Citizenship this half term our focus is going to be Mindfulness and ways we can maintain good mental health. We discussed in the session our different emotions and how each of them is important. We then focussed on our 'uncomfortable' emotions. These can be feelings like nervous, anxious, scared, worried, angry, sad etc. We discussed ways that we can do to help our minds cope with these emotions. This can be things like talking to a trusted adult about how you are feeling, changing space, being creative, getting fresh air, quiet time and non screen time. This then led on to mindfulness and when these feelings happen how we can take time to understand them. Today we all practiced our star breathing (using one hand as a star and slowly running a finger up while breathing in and down while breathing out) which can help calm our bodies down and clear our thoughts so we can make a better choice on how to deal with those uncomfortable feelings. Next week we are going to learn some different techniques so if possible find a calm quiet space to log in to next week's session. 

Today in History we discussed what the words 'history' and 'Victorians' meant. We looked at pictures of Queen Victoria. We then looked at images of different Victorian inventions and guessed what they were. At the end of the session we watched a Horrible History song which explained some of the other inventions created in the Victorian times. 

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