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Week 2

To support those who are unable to access all of the Live Zoom sessions for Citizenship, Science and Geography we will write a description of the session along with any activities we have suggested. Please see this information below. We will add the outlines after the Live zoom has finished. We will also upload a PDF copy of the flipcharts we are using within these live sessions. 

Citizenship Live Zoom outline-

In our virtual Citizenship sessions we will always allow a few minutes at the start of the session to have a catch up and question time. Miss Hare and I feel it is very important for the children to all be given the opportunity to still communicate and share with each other. Today we shared our activities from the weekend and any accomplishments we were proud of. 

We then moved on to talking about our bodies and ourselves. We looked at a picture of a young child and tried to guess their age. We then looked at a picture of an old lady and tried to guess hers. We then compared the similarities and differences of their appearance. We discussed getting older and growing. Did you know a child can grow up to 7cm taller each year? Our hair can grow 2cm every month! And children's feet can go up half a shoe size every 2-4 months! But a lot of us don't even notice that this is happening. We discussed things that we didn't have when we were a baby like lots of hair and teeth. We also talked about things that we can do now that we couldn't before like talking and walking. Finally we discussed how being healthy can help all these things. Being healthy is going to be our main focus for the next few weeks and all the children were asked to think about what being healthy meant to them in preparation for next week's session. 

Science Live zoom outline 

In Science today we discussed the words 'Predator' and 'Prey'. We found out that a predator is an animal that naturally hunts other animals for food. Prey is the name we give to the animal that is being hunted. We found out that predators have features that help them in their hunting such as sharp claws, pointed teeth, good smell and speed. In order for prey to survive a predator they also need to have speed to try and escape or be able to stay very still in the hopes that the predator has not spotted them! Have a go at matching the correct predator to its prey using the sheet on the home learning page. 

Geography Live zoom outline

I'm so sorry that the session stopped abruptly. I've attached the flipchart below with the ideas that you shared during the session. I'm sorry that I was unable to hear all of your amazing ideas. I've added a PurpleMash activity (label the countries) for you to complete and some extension activities if you feel confident at labelling the cities. 

For today's geography lesson we discussed where we live. We used positional language and some key geographical vocabulary to describe our location. We then would have discussed the population of the World and compared it to the population of Basingstoke using the 2012 census information. The census occurs every 10 years and counts how many people are living in one place. The next census will take place in March this year. We would have then used GoogleEarth to show us exactly where Basingstoke is and locate Chalk Ridge Primary School describing some of the features we could see. A suggested activity was to discuss as a family different places that you have visited in the last few years. I will recap this week's lesson next week before moving on. Apologies again.