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Week 3

Citizenship overview 

In Citizenship we recapped the discussion from last week about how our bodies change as we grow (longer legs, bigger feet etc.) We then shared our views on what being healthy means to us. Being healthy isn't being 'well' it is a mixture of lots of different things. We discussed how to have a healthy diet, exercise, reducing screen time and the importance of sleep and fresh air. The children were all asked to create their own mind map of 'Healthy Living' to share in next weeks zoom session. 

Science overview 

In science today we recapped what a predator and prey was and then looked at some strange animals! We looked at their features to determine whether they were a predator or a prey. We realised that just because an animal is small doesn't mean it cannot hunt another animal! At the end of the session a task was set to observe which animals we have around us. Take some time in the garden, out on walks or looking out the window to see if you can find any animals, these could be birds (different kinds if you can identify them!) and insects. Decide whether you think they are a predator or prey. Bring your findings along to next week's science session so we can compare results! 

Geography overview 

We recapped the learning from last week. We then learnt about the differences between physical and human features. We looked at different photographs of locations around the UK, identified what they are and where they are then sorted them into a table. Some internet links were shared if you are interested in seeing live webcams of some locations around the UK. Activities to complete: Purple Mash - Sort the countries, if you want a challenge complete the cities activity - an atlas/map will be useful. Complete the activity discussing and recording places you've visited (before Lockdown) and identify the physical and human features of these places. Email Miss Hare if you'd like your geography work to be shared with your friends on the website.