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Week 4 25.01.21

3.2- Brian Cox School experiments - Melting

Here is a video of some other children conducting the chocolate melting experiment. What happens? Are all of their tests fair?

Which Chocolate Melts the Fastest? -Experiment

Which chocolate will melt the fastest?-Dark Chocolate (73% cacao)-Dark Chocolate (55% cacao)-Milk Chocolate (33% cacao)-White Chocolate? Based on what you have learned today, which do you think will melt fastest? Why? (Music by Alana Walker)

Where Does Chocolate Come From?

It's Halloween night and Jessi and Squeaks just got home with loads of chocolate! Before they dive in, though, they want to learn a little more about how choclolate is made and where it comes from.

Please note, all these activities are available on Purple Mash but have been included on here should you wish to print them.
If you miss or cannot access the live zoom lesson on Wednesday, here is a copy of the flipchart that Miss Bourke will be using. 

Something Fishy

This week, our English lessons will be focused around the story 'Something Fishy'.

If you miss or cannot access the live Zoom lessons with Miss Mohan, here is a copy of the flipchart lessons that she will be using.