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Week 4

Please note a slight change of this page, we are hoping you will find it easy to navigate. We've combined all of the English activities into one PDF and the same for Maths, but we've also keep them as separate documents too if you prefer to work through these day by day. Please see below. 

Citizenship overview 

Today in Citizenship we discussed our ideas on the 'Healthy Living' task last week. This included balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, reduced screen time, getting enough sleep and keeping clean. 'Personal Hygiene was our focus for today. We discussed what we need to do to keep our bodies clean and healthy and how that can also help to keep those around us clean and healthy. This was activities like: washing our hands often, cleaning our teeth twice daily, washing our bodies regularly and blowing our noses into tissues and not wiping it on our sleeves! At the end of the session we talked through the follow on activity of drawing a small picture to match the sentences. A copy of this can be found on the website. 

Science overview 

In science today we discussed the predators and prey that we found throughout the week in our local area. We even spotted some badgers and hedgehogs! We then looked at animal habitats. Different animals build and make different homes to live in depending on what they need to survive. At the end of the session I asked everyone to design their dream habitat! If they could live anywhere in a home made out of anything what would it be? We will share these in next week's session. Remember -You need to be able to survive in this habitat. You need a way to keep warm, find food and water and also be protected from any predators!

Geography overview 

We recapped the learning from last week. We looked at some features of Basingstoke and identified what they are and where they are. After that we discussed what human and physical features we could see. The activity we would like you to complete was set - recording physical and human features you see on a daily walk. We discussed the different ways this

could be recorded - sketches, in a table, a map etc.

Please share at least one piece of work you are proud of next week with your teacher. If you'd like the photo on the slideshow please give permission in the email. Thank you.