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Week 5

Please note the story for the guided reading comprehension is quite long, if you are printing at home you may prefer to read this from the screen. There are two options for the comprehension questions. Mrs Saunders has read this story in a live zoom, so it should be familiar to the children. 

Citizenship overview:

In Citizenship today we recapped all our learning so far on what 'Healthy Living' is. Today our main focus was healthy eating. We looked at all the different food groups and what each of them gave our bodies to keep them as healthy as possible. We also discussed new vocabulary such as protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. We discovered that even though eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is very important - we also need to include the other food categories in order for our diet to be healthy. At the end of the session the children were asked to design their own 'Healthy Lunch'. Using their knowledge from the session, what would their perfect healthy lunch look like? Children were asked to draw and label their ideas for this ready for our next session. 

In science today we recapped what we had learnt so far about how animals survive. We also spent some time sharing our habitat designs from last week. This week we discussed the 5 senses and how animals and humans use them all the time. We discussed how they could also be used for protection. Eg. looking out for predators, listening for dangerous sounds, feeling the vibrations bigger more dangerous animals make when they move. We then discussed how our senses can sometimes be tricked. One way animals do this is by using camouflage. They are able to blend into their background and stay safe from predators. My teddy decided he wanted to go and live in the rainforest. Unfortunately, he wouldn't blend in very well. So, I asked all the children to design a camouflage coat to help keep him safe! We will be sharing our designs next week. 
Geography overview: 

We recapped the learning from last week. We looked at some examples of

human and physical features found on a daily walk. We also looked at some old photographs of Basingstoke and tried to identify where exactly they were taken. We then looked at where Malaysia is using Google Maps and Earth. We made some predictions about what we think the place called Kota Kinabalu is like. Miss Hare set a homework activity: to discuss the physical/human features in the photographs and any similarities/differences between there and Basingstoke.


Please see the sheet below. This does not need to be printed.