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Week 5 01.02.21

In the home learning plan document, you will also find the Spelling/Handwriting, Science and Art activities. smiley

The 3 R's

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A Whale's Tale | Hope Works

A whale helps smaller sea creatures who are trapped in plastic waste. On land a young boy seeks support to clear the sea in his area. Fishermen come to his a...

Recycle for Hampshire

Watch this awesome video from Hampshire County Council explaining what can and cannot be put into our recycling bins in Basingstoke and why. Also, learn what happens to materials after they are recycled and hoe they are changed into brand new things.

The Journey of a Plastic Bottle

Why does so much plastic end up in the ocean? Follow this plastic bottle on its journey as it follows gravity all the way down to sea level.

For Wednesday's English activity, there are four poems about recycling in the document below. Choose one poem you would like to read, discuss and answer the questions provided as well as have a go at performing the poem. 

Watch DJ Noah's Awesome Recycling Rap!

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If you miss or cannot access the live Zoom lessons with Miss Mohan, here is a copy of the flipchart lessons that she will be using. 
If you miss the live zoom on Wednesday, this is the flipchart that will be used during the lesson. Please feel free to look through it to help support you in your work.

Monday Science