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Tomorrow at 11am, Year 1 are all invited to the best Zoom Party that you have ever heard about! Why is it so great?...


Because all of us will be there!! (Of course)!


You can wear your best party clothes, your Superhero costume - in fact, anything you feel like you want to wear! Bring a drink to say 'cheers' with and you can have some party food/ snacks to nibble on as we have our party! 


There will be games, dancing and lots of fun! 


We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!! We are EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!


Year 1 Team xx

Hello Squirrel and Otter class,


we are really very sorry that our Year together will end this way. It is not what any of us expected, or wanted to happen. However, we are all resilient, aren't we? We have shown how well we can adapt to things that were not planned for us - and we have taken the life we have been given and still learnt lots, had some wonderful memories and are all better for having shared this year together. Year 1 are AWESOME!! 


We will still have our English and Maths online lessons - please email your work to us, like you did before, so that we can check it and share it on the website. We will still have a daily Phonics and story session at 11am each day, so we can still see each other and have our chats together. There will also be other lessons to complete on Purple Mash. Please keep an eye out for these lessons.


There will be a special announcement at the end of the live Phonics session on Wednesday - so please don't miss it! Unfortunately, it won't be saying that we can all come back to School... but you'll still love it! So make sure you join us to find out what it's about. (You're so mysterious, Miss Moore)!...


Be helpful, be kind and listen to your parents, especially during the day - when you should be at school. We expect you to complete your school work and this can only be done, when you behave as you would at school. We know you are good listeners and hard workers, so this should be easy for you to do. Remember - you are awesome! 


Parents, please email us if you have any questions or issues.


Stay safe,


kind regards,


Miss Moore, Mrs McDonald and Mrs Roberts


Coping with sudden changes

Year 1 Home Learning - Week 8

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