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Year 3 Home Learning

Home Learning Week 7

Home Learning Week 7 - Other Subjects

Home Learning Week 6

Home Learning Week 5

Use the work books from Week 3 - these provide two weeks of work.

Week 2 Home Learning

Dear Year 3


We hope that you are well and enjoying your time at home and in this lovely sunshine.  Hopefully we will get a bit more of it later on in the week! 

Here are a few reminders of what you can be carrying on with in your Home Learning:

  • Reading for 20 minutes (choose a Guided Reading prompt to help you think about what you are reading).
  • How are your Mega-cities coming along? Are you building a 3d model, using lego or drawing your dream city?
  • Have you discovered anything about the Romans yet? We will be giving you the chance to do some writing about the Romans really soon.


Don’t forget to look in the Kids’ Zone section of the Chalk Ridge website. There are some great online activities which you can access here . Have a play and learn as you go!


We are so proud of how brilliantly you are all doing.  Don’t forget to email the school office if you have completed anything you are proud of and would like to share.


We are thinking of you all and we miss you very much.


Miss Bourke, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Kaiser

Day 1 to Day 4 Home Learning

Science Resources

Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain King