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Year 4 Home Learning

Hello Year 4!
We hope you are all keeping well and safe. 
As there are a lot of activities to keep you busy at home, all we ask is for you to try your best. If there are any activities that are a little bit tricky, move on to another activity.
Remember you can send us any photographs of your work or anything you have been busy doing at home, maybe a new hobby you have been learning!

We are missing you lots but keep busy, keep smiling and have fun!

From Miss Mohan and Mr Godfrey, Mrs Macken, Mr Collingwood and Mrs Wallace.

Home Learning Week 7

Home Learning Week 6

Home Learning Week 6 - Other Subjects

Home Learning Week 5

Hello Year 4!

We hope you had a lovely Easter break with your family and have been keeping busy playing, learning and enjoying the sunshine!

Below we have attached your weekly home learning. Remember to only do what you can and dont worry if you dont complete all of the work. Just try your best!  

It is important that you are making time to keep yourself physically healthy by exercising regularly and keeping up your positive mindset. This could be through drawing, mindfulness colouring, dancing, playing an instrument or maybe learning a new skill! Remember to be kind to your siblings and family and when you can, help around the house so you can put a smile on their faces!

If you have any photographs, questions about the work we have set you, or if you just want to say a big hi and hello, please email us:


We would love to hear how you’re getting on!

Stay safe and keep positive!

Miss Mohan, Mr Godfrey, Mrs Macken, Mr Collingwood and Mrs Wallace 

Home Learning Plan Week 4 Year 4

Home Learning Plan Week 2


Hello Kestrels and Ospreys,


We have been planning some more learning for you.  Look at the daily planning sheet which shows you step by step what you need to do.  This is from Day 6 (Monday) until Day 10 (Friday).  We have uploaded the sheets for you.  If you are struggling to access the sheets online, ask an adult to email the office and we will print off a pack for you to collect from school


You can also always ask an adult to email the school office if you need some help or explanation for any of the work.  We will then call you to talk through the learning and help you. Keep smiling and be positive!  Remember to help out at home too, be kind to your family and remember our school values!




Miss. Mohan and Mr. Godfrey.

Week 1

Dear Year 4 Children,


We hope you are all well, and managing to stay busy and occupied. We are busy planning new learning for you which will be added to the website, which we will also use to keep in touch with you. We are missing you all.


Best wishes from 


Miss Mohan, Mr Godfrey, Mrs Macken, Mrs Wallace and Mr Collingwood.

Home Learning Plan Week 1


Whilst you’re away from school, we’ve put together some work for you to complete. Please try your best to complete the attached sheets as it will really help you when you return to school. We have split the packs into Maths and English activities.

As we have been studying ‘Our World’ we would like you to do some research on an endangered animal of your choice. We would like you to present your information as a project. You could create an information booklet, poster or a PowerPoint Presentation. We have also included lots of mindfulness colouring to keep you busy!

Make sure you log into Times Table Rock Stars as often as possible and keep practising your tables as often as you can.

You can also practise the ‘Daily 10’ and play Maths games on the following website:

Please keep reading over the break and record all your reading in your Reading Record.

Here are some websites which might help you keep busy with your learning too:

Maths and baking



P.E  has some brilliant yoga and mindfulness activities to help keep you supple and calm.

Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain King