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Year R Home Learning

Transition to Year 1 


Dear Parents/Guardians and Children,


As you now know, Miss Moore, Mrs McDonald and myself, Mrs Hymers, will be your new teachers in Year one. We are very excited to teach you all in September!


Until then, we hope you enjoy a lovely break, have some fun and new experiences. We know you have been working really hard over the last few months either in school or at home. If you can, we would love you to keep practicing your reading as much as possible and we also have a summer challenge for you. We would like to get to know you a little more so we have set the task of drawing a picture of yourself and writing or drawing some things that you like.


We would also like you to draw round your hand, cut it out and write your name in the middle please. You can also decorate it if you would like to. We will use these for a display in your new classroom.


Please find these activities on the Year R class pages on the school website. If you do not have access to the Internet or a printer, please ask the school office for a paper copy.

Some other things you might like to do in the holidays may be to practice your numbers and letters (in paint/sand at the beach with a stick/felt tips/a tray of washing up liquid etc) You could spot words or phonic sounds in books or on signs when you’re out and about, or learn a new skill such as doing your zip/buttons/laces by yourself, riding a bike, catching a ball etc.


If you have any questions about the new school year or about the tasks, please feel free to send us an email. Our addresses are on the school website - class pages. (Yr1+2)


Have a lovely summer!


We hope you get to spend some time with your friends and family members that you might not have seen for a while.


We look forward to seeing you on September 3rd.

Stay safe and happy.

Mrs Hymers, Mrs McDonald and Miss Moore J

Year R


Dear Year R,


We have really loved having you in our classes this year. We are very sad that we haven't been able to finish our journey all together. Thank you for all the happy times we have had. We hope that you have a wonderful summer holidays and enjoy spending time with your family.


You have been a pleasure to teach.


Good luck in Year One, we know you all will be great!



Mrs Norgate-Smith, Mrs Keat and Mrs Baskerville



(Mrs Norgate-Smith)

(Mrs Keat)

(Mrs Baskerville)

Extra Activities

  1. Practise writing your name using the correct letter formation and pencil grip - could be in sand, bubbles, shaving foam, rice, etc.
  2. Try using sand, water, bubbles shaving foam or rice to practise letter and number formation.
  3. Write out some of the Phase 2 phonic sounds (s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e,u,r,h,b,f,ff,ll,ss) onto cards and put up around your house. Go on a phonic hunt to find and recognise them.
  4. Write some keywords onto cards and hide them around the house. Go on a key word hunt.
  5. Put letter cards together to make words. Sound out and blend them. (Some real and some made up. Try to distinguish between the real and non-real.)
  6. Put some objects from your house into a bag. Pull them out and say which sound they begin with.
  7. Sound talk objects from around the house. E.g. the word (f-r-o-g).
  8. Chose a favourite game (snakes and ladders, twister, etc) and make it into a phonic/keyword game. Every time you land on one, read the sound/word.
  9. Read to a different audience, e.g. cuddly toys, plants, etc.
  10. Write anything that is real life and has a purpose e.g. lists, label toys, letters to family, etc. Can the children sound out the words themselves?
  11. Count any objects you have around the house (cutlery, pencils, cereal, clothing, etc). How many are there? Match to a number of write the correct number. What about if I add one more/one less? Write a number sentence to match it.
  12. Repeat the game idea for numbers, adding, takeaway, shapes,
  13. Go on a shape hunt around the house. Which can you find?
  14. Count out numbers of biscuits, sweets, chocolate eggs, etc. Take some away (eat them) how many are left. Add some, how many now? 
  15. Any of these activities could be completed with an Easter theme.







Useful Websites

Below are useful websites for activities to support learrning.

Read with Phonics

To be able to learn and practise phonics we have set up the children on the ‘read with phonics game’.

To play you will need to:

  • Search for the app which is called ‘read with phonics games’. It has a picture of a green monster on it.
  • Then download the App from: Apple store, Google play or Amazon store.
  • Once the app is downloaded you will need to sign in with the school parent log in.

Username – chalkridge

Password – Phonics123

  • Then select the class name and the name of your child.