Uniform Information

We believe that school uniform is a way of quickly creating identity with a group of children. Our logo’d school uniform can be purchased at Skoolkit in Church Street, Basingstoke. All other items can be purchased from a range of retailers including the local supermarkets.

We expect all of our children to wear the correct school uniform daily.

We hold a limited stock of second hand uniform in school, so please contact the school office if you require further assistance or advice.  

Our School Uniform is :-
  • Navy-blue jumper/sweatshirt (no hooded tops) with school logo*
  • Navy-blue cardigan with school logo*

  • Light blue polo shirt or light blue shirt / blouse
  • ​​​​​​​Conventional grey trousers or shorts
  • Grey skirt or pinafore dress

  • Summer cotton dress in blue and white

  • ​​​​​​​White, navy-blue or grey socks
  • Navy-blue or grey tights

  • ​​​​​​​Conventional outdoor shoes in dark colours (no trainers please)
  • Conventional sandals may be worn in summer


Please contact Headteacher if you have difficulty to obtain jumpers/sweatshirt/cardigan with school logo.


Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied up in a plain coloured band.


Physical Education (P.E.)

P.E. is a statutory curriculum subject which all children must participate in.

Proper clothing for P.E. ensures that all children participate equally, hygienically and safely.


  • Light blue round neck T shirt
  • Navy blue P.E shorts or gym knickers (girls may also wear wrap over games skirt)
  • Navy blue jogging bottoms
  • Navy blue fleece or sweatshirt (no hooded tops)
  • Dark coloured trainers (which should be for PE only)


NOTE: All children need to change into trainers for sport on the field, jungle gym or playground. All indoor work is done in bare feet and shorts.


Wellington boots and a waterproof jacket will be required when taking part in activities in the woodland area. (Parents/Carers will be informed prior to these activities)


NOTE: The following clothing is not permitted: hooded tops, trainers (other than for P.E. purposes), jeans, “designer wear”.

Health and Safety

Due to health and safety reasons children are not allowed to wear jewellery - this includes necklaces / bracelets / hooped earrings.  Children with medical conditions may wear specific bands/necklaces to indicate their medical condition.


  1. Earrings should be removed during all P.E. Activities (or taped if newly pierced).

  2. Trainers are not allowed for gymnastics; all indoor work is done in bare feet.

  3. Shorts (or tight fitting leggings) must be worn for gymnastics

  4. Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied up in a plain coloured band. 

  5. No hooded tops are allowed.