School Clubs (Breakfast and After School)

Monday - Friday


7.30am - 8.40am

A friendly atmosphere where children are made to feel welcome and ‘at home’.  Play activities are provided after breakfast until children go to class at 8.40am.


All this for just £3.50 per day!


To book your child a place at breakfast club, please log in to your Arbor account and follow the guidance in the link below.


Please bring children through to the School Office when you arrive.

Please note that breakfast will not be available after 8.15am

Children who arrive after 8.15am will be charged the normal rate of £3.50



Term and Conditions

Monday - Thursday  End of school day - 5.30pm

Friday  End of school day - 5pm

A friendly atmosphere where children are made to feel welcome and ‘at home’.  Play activities are provided along with an afternoon snack. 


All this for just £10.00 per day!


Parents can sign up now - all you need to do is fill in the application form below to express your interest and a member of the office team will contact you regarding booking.


Once you have booked your child's place, using Arbor, they will be collected from their classroom at the end of the school day and taken to a dedicated space (main hall or Gibson Room), to join the rest of the children attending.


You child should be collected from the schools main reception.  When you arrive to school, please call 07956 425287 and a member of the afterschool club staff team will bring your child to you.  This mobile number is only available during club hours.


To book your child a place at afterschool club, please log in to your Arbor account and follow the guidance in the link below


We also have a dedicated e-mail address


Tax Free Child Care

We are able to accept payment for our afterschool club, via the Tax Free Child Care Scheme.  If you would like to pay by this method, please e-mail

You will need to provide the following information:

Childs Full Name

Name of Childcare Voucher Payer (Your name)

Childcare Reference (eg ABCD12345)

Tax Free Child Care Account Number (eg 1234567890123) 


Once you transfer your funds to Chalk Ridge Primary School, please confirm via e-mail, the amount you have paid, Childcare reference (eg ABCD12345), Tax free childcare account number (eg 1234567890123)

The value will then be credited to your Arbor account, to enable you to book the days you require.


Currently we are unable to accept the older scheme of child care vouchers.


We look forward to welcoming your child soon.

Childrens' Views

We asked some of our children to share their views on why they like attending after school club:


"I like after school club because of the fun activities, my favourite is when we do some writing about the seasons." H, year 4


"I like after school club because there is a lot of creative activities to do and we go outside a lot and we make new friends." J, year 4


"I think after school club is very fun when we play musical bumps and musical statues. I like choosing the lego because it’s so fun to play with." H, year 2


"My favourite thing to do in after school club is painting big pictures and making things for Mummy." E, year 1


"After school club is the coolest because we play with toys. I like colouring and playing outside on the jungle gym." S, year 1


"After school club is good because you can do fun activities and make new friends from other classes. The things I enjoy the most are the craft activities." C, year 5


"After school club is lots of fun, we get to play group games where everyone gets to choose and enjoy." J, year 6


"It’s very fun at after school club, I like playing with the football and my friends and decorating biscuits to take home." J, year 2


"My favourite things to do in after school club is skipping outside and decorate biscuits. The other things I like about after school club is having fun with the grown ups." B, year 2


"I like to play football outside with my friends." A, year 1


"I love to do art and colouring in. I play with my friends, we really like tag and going on the jungle gym." E, year 1


"I like drawing in after school club and playing football with my friends." E, Bumblebees


"I like making stuff and playing with all my friends." M, year 4


Parent and Carers' Feedback

We asked our parents and carers to tell us some things that they love about after school club:


My son calls after school club his new school, he loves after school club. My son enjoys interacting with other children. He also talks about eating toast. Bumblebees parent


Staff are very friendly, helpful and great with the kids. Year 4 parent


The ability to be able to work until nearer my official work finishing time. Year 3 parent

Breakfast and Afterschool Club Terms and Conditions