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Staff Team

Our School Staff Team

Head Teacher 

Miss. Jackson


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs. Baskerville


Inclusion Lead / SENCo

Mrs. Forsey


Phonics Lead

Mrs. Keat


Foundation Stage

Year R

Miss. Sullivan


Learning Support

Mrs. Bialogrodzka

Mrs. Muir

Key Stage 1 - Infants

Year 1

Mrs. Norgate-Smith (Monday, Tuesday)

Mrs. Hymers (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Mrs. Saunders


Learning Support

Mrs. Clark

Mrs. Jeffs

Mrs. Rowlands

Miss. Alboni


Year 2

Miss. Hare - Key Stage 1 Leader

Miss. O'Brien


Learning Support

Miss. Hallam (AM)

Mrs. Mullin

Mrs. Symonds

Mrs. Powell (PM)


Key Stage 2 - Juniors

Year 3

Miss. Moore

Mrs. Taylor (Monday, Tuesday)

Miss. Bourke (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)


Learning Support

Miss. Gundry

Miss. Hallam (PM)

Mrs Trowbridge (AM)

Mrs. Wroe (AM)


Year 4

Miss. Perry

Mrs. Shell-Allen


Learning Support

Mr. Collingwood (PM)

Mrs. Floyd (AM)

Mrs Powell (AM)

Miss. Spekes (PM)


Year 5

Mrs. Burns

Mr. Godfrey


Learning Support

Mr. Collingwood (AM)


Year 6

Mr. Green - Key Stage 2 Leader

Mr. Lyddy


Learning Support

Miss. Kimber

Mrs. King

Mrs. Neal


Emotional Literacy Support

Mrs. McDermott


Before School Provision

Mrs. Halliday

Mrs. Honnor

Miss. Wills


Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Bridgeman


Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss. Alboni

Mrs. Floyd

Mrs. Harold

Miss. Maxwell

Mrs. Medcraft

Mrs. Mullin

Miss. Spekes

Miss. Wills


After School Provision

Mrs. Benge

Miss. Wills

Miss Hallam


Site Manager
Mrs. Marshall

Assistant Caretaker
Mr. Berry



Mrs. Bridgeman

Mrs. Halliday

Miss. King

Mrs. Knowles


Administrative and Data Protection Officer

Miss. Goodall


Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Phillips

Attendance Officer

Mrs. Chandler-Hobden


PA to the Headteacher

Mrs. Brooks


Sports Coaches
Staff from Planet Education


No member of staff employed at Chalk Ridge Primary School has a gross annual salary of £100k or more in increments of £10k.