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Term Dates

PE Days for Summer 1


Year RFoxMiss SullivanWednesday and Friday
Year ROwlMrs Baskerville/Mrs KeatWednesday and Friday
Year 1SquirrelMiss MooreWednesday and Thursday
Year 1OtterMrs Roberts/Mrs McDonaldWednesday and Thursday
Year 2HedgehogMrs SaundersMonday and Tuesday
Year 2BadgerMiss HareMonday and Tuesday
Year 3JayMiss MohanWednesday and Friday
Year 3RobinMrs Taylor/Miss BourkeThursday swimming and Friday
Year 4KestrelMr GodfreyMonday and Thursday
Year 4OspreyMrs BurnsWednesday Swimming and Thursday
Year 5SwallowMrs WilkinsonTuesday and Friday
Year 5NightingaleMiss RelfTuesday and Friday
Year 6KingfisherMr LyddyTuesday and Friday
Year 6PeregrineMr GreenTuesday and Friday