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Uniform Information


The same school uniform and P.E. clothing is worn by all pupils attending the school.   It is chosen from the following:




  • Navy-blue jumper/sweatshirt (no hooded tops)
  • Navy-blue cardigan


  • Light blue polo shirt or light blue shirt / blouse


  • Conventional grey trousers


  • Grey skirt or pinafore dress
  • Summer cotton dress in blue and white


  • White, navy-blue or grey socks
  • Navy-blue or grey tights


  • Conventional outdoor shoes in dark colours
  • Conventional sandals may be worn in summer


  • Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied up in a plain coloured band.


NOTE: The following clothing is not permitted: hooded tops, trainers or plimsolls (for P.E. purposes only), jeans, “designer wear”.

Due to health and safety reasons children are not allowed to wear jewellery - this includes necklaces/bracelets/hooped earring's.  Children with medical conditions may wear specific bands/necklaces to indicate their medical condition.


Physical Education (P.E.)

P.E. is a statutory curriculum subject which all children must participate in. The change into proper clothing for P.E. ensures that all children participate equally, hygienically and safely.  The following is worn by all pupils and should be brought into school in a separate P.E. bag.


  • Light blue T-shirt (crew or round neck)

  • Navy blue P.E. briefs or shorts (girls may also wear wrap over games skirt)

  • Navy blue jogging bottoms

  • Light blue fleece or sweatshirt (No hooded tops)

  • Trainers or plimsolls for outside P.E.


NOTE: All children need to change into P.E. plimsolls or trainers for sport on the field or playground.



  1. Earrings should be removed during all P.E. Activities (or taped if newly pierced).

  2. Trainers are not allowed for Gymnastics; all indoor work is done in bare feet.

  3. Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied up in a plain coloured band. 

  4. No hooded tops are allowed.


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