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Year 1 Curriculum

About Year 1


Our Year 1 has two classrooms, one with access to the Secret Garden for outdoor learning opportunities. The classrooms are separated so the children are more prepared for the transition from the Early Years learning to the KS1 curriculum. Both Classrooms have access to a KS1 library which has a vast variety of fiction and non-fiction texts for the children to explore. Year 1 strives to keep creativity at its core by providing an engaging, exciting and interesting curriculum. The children will have four lessons a day; this will include history and geography topics amongst other subjects. Our writing learning journeys will focus around a key text with a variety of outcomes as specified in the National Curriculum.


How parents can support children at home

Children in year 1 will receive a home reading book and diary; we recommend daily reading at home. Children will also take home weekly homework. This will include a maths activity based on what we have been learning that week as well as phonics sounds and weekly spellings which will then be tested during school time.

Handwriting Formation