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Young Interpreters

The Hampshire Young Interpreter Scheme is in its third year at Chalk Ridge Primary. The role of a YI is to support the emotional well being of new or existing pupils with English as an additional language. Some children are new arrivals to the UK and don't speak any English. It can be very traumatic for them and we aim to minimise the impact of moving to a new country and a new school with little or no knowledge of our language.


YIs may be asked to support a new child in the playground or in their class. They may show children and/ or new families around the school and nearly all have had training in using gestures and non verbal ways of communicating.


We meet every couple of weeks to share the ways we have helped other children, and to play games or take part in activities to improve our understanding of how to help children with English as an additional language.


Every June the YIs are invited to attend a Conference at Queen Mary's College along with other YIs from other Basingstoke schools. The children take part in a number of sporting or creative workshops and always have a good time. It is run by EMTAS and is a way of thanking the children for their YI work.


Our Young Interpreters this year have created a video to share some of the work they do at Chalk Ridge Primary:

Being a Young Interpreter at Chalk Ridge

Still image for this video